Sound or Fury? Pick a Side.

In his last post, Michael claimed that he kind of understood Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury after reading it like twenty-one times. I am still not impressed. I think these voices from  Amazon reviews make as much sense as what Michael wrote:

  • “I read this book back in college and I hated every moment of it.”
  • “A terrible book. […] It took me a week just to find out who was who.”
  • “This book is nothing more than a puzzle that has no reward in solving it.”
  • “Every word in the book left me utterly confused.”
  • “I was surprised to find this book to be an utter nonsense.”
  • “I do not understand how this book can be called one of the greatest novels of the 20th century. Just because it’s different does not mean it’s good.”
  • “Everyone says it’s a great book, but I’ll bet a lot of those who do are only saying it because they’re afraid to admit that Faulkner’s too smart for them.”
  • “This book is truly horrible, Faulkner is full of hot air. […] Do not waste your money on this book, in fact don’t even borrow it from a public library.”
  • “This book is like an ungrateful girlfriend. You do your best to understand her and get nothing back in return.”
  • “Just depressing. Like being on a three-week drunken spree. Yuck.
  • “I do not like this book.”

As I’ve said earlier, disagreeing is good, debating is futile. Will I read the book? I don’t think so. Will you? Don’t think about it. Just pick a side.

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